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You get a private field, for just your group, so you'll only play with who you invite! We do that anytime by reservation! You'll also have a referee who will go over safety info & how to use the Knockerballs, and then facilitate several different short mini-games for you. The entire Knockerball time is filled with organized games that are all a hit! Great for adults and kids ages 5 and up. Perfect for a night out, kids birthdays, adult birthdays, team building, work parties, bachelor/ bachelorette parties, family gatherings or event you need to have some fun!  All players and spectators must sign a waiver when they arrive or online. Anyone under 18 need their parents signature. We just have 1 field so all events start and end right on time and are non-refundable. This is a live event we lead that starts with rules and how-to, and we need all participants to get started. I would suggest everyone arrive 10 minutes early.